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Jimmy Prince B. Shares and Taxation. A Practical Guide to Saving Tax on Your

The tax issues associated with owning shares can at times be mind-boggling and difficult to understand. This immensely practical guide unravels all of the umpteen taxation rulings that you'll need to comply with the moment you start buying shares. The book explains in simple terms core tax principles with numerous tax tips, potential traps and practical case studies to reinforce the learning process. So why pay a registered tax agent $250 an hour to solve a problem when you can read this book and find the answer yourself?

1403.59 RUR



Jimmy Prince B. Property & Taxation. A Practical Guide to Saving Tax on Your Investments

There are numerous tax rules and regulations associated with real estate that you need to comply with and, if you get it wrong, the Tax Office could impose stiff penalties. Fortunately, help is at hand. In plain English, Property & Taxation explains just what your tax obligations are. Inside you'll learn: how property speculators and property investors are taxed which expenses are tax deductible how to calculate a capital gain and capital loss about the tax issues associated with owning your main residence and overseas property investments how negative gearing works about owning property in different legal structures. Packed with tax tips, tax traps to avoid and practical case studies, this comprehensive guide will give you the know-how to legally reduce your tax liability – and build your wealth.

2686.33 RUR



Jimmy Prince B. Building Wealth and Loving It. A Down-to-Earth Guide to Personal Finance Investing

The rich know all about money – they know how to make it, invest it, spend it and enjoy it. And now, with the help of this book, it's possible for you to unlock the secrets of the wealthy and start making your own dreams a reality. Building Wealth & Loving It provides you with a simple, proven formula for financial success. Expert author Jimmy B. Prince will help you sort out your budget, choose the right assets and develop an investment plan that works for you. Packed with handy tips, amusing anecdotes and practical case studies, this book will give you the confidence and know-how to take stock of your finances and start investing wisely – while enjoying the ride!

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Jimmy Prince B. Superannuation and Taxation. A Practical Guide to Saving Money on Your Super or SMSF

Superannuation is the cornerstone of every Australian?s financial future and retirement plan. Making the most of all the tax advantages that superannuation offers is essential to building your wealth. However, complying with and taking advantage of the superannuation and tax rules and regulations is mind-boggling. Fortunately, help is at hand. In plain English, Superannuation & Taxation explains just what your tax obligations are. Inside you?ll learn: ? about the Australian superannuation system and how it works ? what the rules for making a superannuation contribution are ? how to set up, run and maintain a compliant self managed superannuation fund ? how superannuation funds, pensions and death benefi ts are taxed. Packed with tax tips, tax traps to avoid and practical case studies, this comprehensive guide will give you the know-how to legally reduce your tax liability ? and build your wealth.

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Rod Caldwell Taxation for Australian Businesses. Understanding Business Concessions

Simplify tax and save money with streamlined bookkeeping Small businesses are often just that—small. Bookkeeping may be done by a professional outside the company, but more often falls to an employee or the business owner, who may or may not be well-schooled in the intricacies of tax law and business regulations. Tax time can end up costing small businesses a fortune in either professional fees or missed deductions every year. What if you could simplify the process and save money? Taxation for Australian Businesses: Understanding Australian Business Taxation Concessions is the ultimate guide to tax for the small business owner. Author Rod Caldwell, 20-year veteran of the Australian Taxation Office, leads you through the process of managing your books and keeping more straightforward records to simplify the process of filing tax. The introduction of the GST and the new tax system involves a lot of new work for business owners, but Taxation for Australian Businesses eases the way by explaining the intricacies of applicable tax law, fully updated to parallel the May 2014 budget. Topics include: Business structures, accounting systems, and cash accounting FBT, private versus domestic use, and when to record a payment Motor vehicles, the GST, and depreciation Owners salary, end of period processing, and how to account for stock trading The book explains everything you need to know and ties it all together to show you how to put the information into practice. No jargon, no textbooks, just common sense and reason. If you would like to get your bookkeeping straightened out and get back to your business, Taxation for Australian Businesses: Understanding Australian Business Taxation Concessions is the one guide that will get you there quickly.

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Jules Bennett Behind Palace Doors

Their marriage has all the makings of a romantic movie: a beautiful Mediterranean setting, a handsome prince and fantastic sex – and it’s all fake!When Prince Stefan weds Victoria, the marriage is only to secure his crown. But it doesn’t take long for buried passions to erupt…

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Lisa Laurel Kaye The Prince's Baby

ROYAL WEDDINGSROYAL WEDDINGS. Three small-town women find happily-ever-after with three irresistible princes!A PRINCE OF A DADDYConvinced she was a princess, a six-year-old girl sent Prince Whit Anders a message beseeching him to prove her right. Which gave the child's single mom, Drew Davis, cause for concern. After all, Drew and the prince had shared a magical summer long ago–and her daughter's claim to royalty wasn't as far-fetched as everyone thought….When His Royal Highness Whit Anders discovered that he and lovely Drew had made more than a sweet teenage memory, he was ready to claim their child as his heir. But winning the beautiful–and independent–woman would put his reputation as the Prince of Hearts to the test!

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Suzanne Brockmann Alpha Squad: Prince Joe / Forever Blue

Tall, dark and dangerous. . .Cool under fire Lieutenant Joe Catalanofto has two days to learn how to impersonate a European prince who has been targeted by terrorists. Media consultant Veronica St John will train the military man to act like a prince. But the threat to the prince might be closer than they think. . .Hot under the sheets!Blue McCoy was once the hero of Lucy Tait’s teenaged dreams – quiet, dark and dangerous. After high school he left to join the military. Years later, now a Navy SEAL, Blue is back in town, and Lucy is not the person he remembered. She’s a no-nonsense police officer – and a woman Blue can’t take his eyes off. Until Blue is accused of murder and Lucy is assigned his case. . .

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Баян Ермекбаева Taxes and taxation. Educational manual

The purpose of the educational manual is to help deepening and systematize the knowledge in the tax area. The educational manual «Taxes and taxation» aimed at undergraduate degree in finance, also enterprise managers and individuals, which interested in tax reporting.

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Rebecca Winters Bride Fit for a Prince

Nicco Tescotti is drop-dead gorgeous, but this eligible prince needs to marry for duty, and he still hasn't found a suitable wife. So he decides to buy a bride.Only, his wedding ultimatum unexpectedly produces two potential candidates – and they're twin sisters! Callie Lassiter has flown to Italy to meet her groom-to-be, with no intention of going through with the ceremony – until she meets Nicco himself! Now there's only one question in Callie's mind: is she a bride fit for a prince?

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Paul Mladjenovic Investing in Shares For Dummies

Master the markets and make wise investments. Investing in Shares For Dummies gives you the sound advice and proven tactics you need to play the markets and watch your profits grow. The experienced authors introduce you to all categories of shares, show you how to analyse the key markets, and offer invaluable resources for developing a portfolio. Whether the markets are up or down, you'll discover practical investing strategies and expert insights so you have the knowledge to invest with confidence. The book is divided into five parts: Part I: The Essentials of Investing in Shares (including common approaches to investing in shares, assessing risks and getting to know the stock markets) Part II: Before You Start Buying (including gathering the right info, finding a stockbroker, investing for growth and investing for income) Part III: Picking Winners (including decoding company documents, analysing industries and seeking emerging sector opportunities) Part IV: Investment Strategies and Tactics (including choosing a strategy, trading techniques, using your broker, and a glimpse at what the insiders do!) Part V: The Part of Tens

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Alan Hull Invest My Way. The Business of Making Money on the Australian Share Market with Blue Chip Shares

The definitive guide to buying blue chip shares on the Australian stock market Designed for DIY investors looking for simple, practical, low risk strategies for managing their blue chip shares, Invest My Way: The Business of Making Money on the Australian Share Market with Blue Chip Shares is perfect for anyone interested in either trading or investing long term in Australian blue chip shares. Written by respected trader and market educator Alan Hull, the book provides readers with a unique, holistic investing strategy for managing blue chip shares to optimize both capital growth and income (dividends). Beginning with basic coverage of managing blue chip shares, the book also includes invaluable information on managing portfolios as well as offering advice on when to buy, sell, and accumulate stocks. In-depth and comprehensive, Invest My Way is the latest instalment in Hull's collection of investment texts—including Active Investing and Trade My Way—which, taken together, provide readers with a complete stock market solution. Presents a unique new strategy for making money with blue chip stocks Author Alan Hull is a respected, well-known trading and investing expert Walks readers through the entire blue chip investing process, including building portfolios with maximum capital growth and returns The third instalment in Hull's complete guide to making money in the stock market, following in the footsteps of Active Investing and Trade My Way Essential reading for casual investors, including baby boomers, retirees, SMSF trustees, and anyone else interested in trading or investing long term in Australian blue chip shares.

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Fullerton Hugh Stuart Jimmy Kirkland and the Plot for a Pennant


Donavan’s Dream, a food bank and outreach charity founded by Donavan Sanford, distributed Christmas meals to 160 families on Thursday, Dec. 20.

Jimmy Choo - Салон Дипломат

Палантин JIMMY CHOO. 462. Палантин изумрудный, шелк+шерсть.Производитель: Италия... В корзину. 35 500 р. Показано с 1 по 1 из 1 (всего 1 ...

Granddaddy Purple - cannabis indica marijuana weed strain ...

Granddaddy Purple - cannabis indica marijuana weed strain. Strain description, growing tips, and where to buy seeds.

Jimmy Choo серый вязаный шарф из категории Шарфы ...

Купить Jimmy Choo серый вязаный шарф из категории Шарфы, палантины и шелковые платки из Китая с Таобао/Taobao. В китайском ...

Jimmy Rankin

Merry Christmas jimmy , your wife and children all the best too all of you mike & Norma , Fort Saskatchewan Alberta cheers 🥂

Обувь недели: Jimmy Choo Toni leather over-The-Knee Boots | Мода ...

27 дек. 2014 г. - Обувь недели: Jimmy Choo Toni leather over-The-Knee Boots ... а яркой праздничной деталью - красно-синий палантин с орнаментом, ...

A Guide to Mushroom Hunting for Morels in Southern Oregon

Hunting morel mushrooms in Oregon is a passion of mine. I like to offer tips on how to score one of the world's most delectable foods. What is it that ...

Jimmy Choo - Лучшие мировые бренды обуви и аксессуаров в ...

Jimmy Choo – это премиум-бренд, в коллекциях которого представлена обувь и аксессуары модного лондонского дизайнера малайзийского ...

Длинный шелковый шарфик Jimmy Choo светло-бирюзового цвета ...

Длинный шелковый шарфик Jimmy Choo светло-бирюзового цвета. ... Новая модель, теплый палантин-платок Louis Vuitton коричневый в полоску с ...

Jimmy Savile - Wikipedia

Early life. Savile, born in Leeds, was the youngest of seven children (his elder siblings were Mary, Marjory, Vincent, John, Joan, and Christina) in a Roman Catholic ...

Купить брендовые платки и палантины в Москве - цена, фото в ...

У нас вы можете купить брендовые платки и палантины по отличной цене в Москве, посмотреть описание, характеристики и отзывы.

Jimmy prince b shares and taxation a. Jimmy Smith - Wikipedia

James Oscar

Jimmy Choo Женский шарф В продаже в аутлете, Красный, Шелк ...

Красный, В продаже в аутлете, Made in Italy, палантин, 68 x 180 см, Рисунок в форме сердца, Узор в форме звезд, Логотип Jimmi Choo спереди, Шелк, ...

Палантины Jimmy Choo. Товары и услуги компании "Luxe-Multibrend"

Купить Палантины Jimmy Choo в Москве - цены, товары и услуги компании "Luxe-Multibrend": +7 (966) 354-70-66 Наталия.

Jimmy Choo каталог 2018-2019. Официальный магазин в Москве

Замшевые ботфорты Myren на низком каблуке Jimmy Choo ... Замшевые босоножки Annie 85 с ремешком на щиколотке Jimmy Choo ... Палантин ...

Эпоха дикого капитализма: Ксения Собчак ностальгирует по ...

На мне палантин Dolce & Gabbana, платье John Galliano и изумруды ... 2011 «На выставке Icons от Jimmy Choo в резиденции посла Великобритании. В ...

Twas the Night Before Christmas with Tracy Morgan (Late ...

Jimmy and Tracy Morgan give their take on the holiday classic,

Платок женский Jimmy Choo 79543 - купить в интернет-магазине ...

Платок женский Jimmy Choo 79543 - описание, фото, отзывы. Купить в интернет-магазине по цене 1674 руб., возможна бесплатная доставка.

Платок, шарф Jimmy Choo оригинал, 2500 грн. Женские платки ...

Платок, шарф Jimmy Choo оригинал Италия 100%-шелк, 69см*212см. Kidstaff ... Подбор похожих товаров · Женские платки, палантины, шали в Киеве ...

Женские шарфы по цене от 3 780 руб. купить в интернет-магазине ...

M Missoni. Палантин из смеси вискозы и кашемира ..... Как правило, шарфы, палантины и платки выполняют из кашемира, шелка, модала или хлопка.

Drive XLR8 Herbicide Crabgrass Killer - DoMyOwn.com

Drive XLR8 Herbicide, a water-based formulation, improves the control of crabgrass, torpedograss, and many other broadleaf weeds. Drive XLR8 herbicide replaces the ...

Jimmy Swaggart Sermonets - FMH Child

Jimmy Swaggart Sermonets http://www.fmh-child.org/JimmySwaggart.html (We love him enough to tell him the truth!) JIMMY SWAGGART - 2016 - EXPOSED!

Палантин с анималистичным принтом JIMMY CHOO - купить в ...

Палантин с анималистичным принтом JIMMY CHOO - купить в интернет-магазине люксовой одежды ElytS по цене 18900 рублей. Доставка одежды по ...

Radiosky-music Jazz

Peabo Bryson and Roberta Flack Tonight, I Celebrate My Love. Gerardo Frisina Slow Burning. Carly Simon Alone Together

Платки, шали, палантины Jimmy Choo в Украине. Сравнить цены ...

Платки, шали, палантины, арафатки, палантины женские, косынки, куфия, шемаги, шемахи, шейные платки женские, арафатки мужские Jimmy Choo.

Палантин Jimmy Choo - купить в Москве по выгодной цене - Goodster

Выбирайте из 14 товаров в категории палантин jimmy choo в наличии! ✈✈✈ Доставка: Москва, Скидки! Goodster знает, где народ палантин jimmy choo в ...

Купить шали, палантины цвет зеленые, красные коллекции 2018 ...

Шали, палантины цвет зеленые, красные в магазинах Екатеринбурга. Сегодня в ... Яркий контрастный палантин Jimmy Choo 822680 Jimmy Choo.

Купить палантин Jimmy Choo в комиссионном магазине Киев ...

Палантин Jimmy Choo оригинал. Подробная информация о товаре. Низкие цены на брендовую одежду и обувь в Киеве, тел.097 6919021.

2018 Cotton Incorporated Board of Directors Roster

2018 Cotton Incorporated Board of Directors Roster includes Directors and Alternates and the region each Board member represents.

"The Original Jersey Boy

HockeyClan.com has built a community allowing everyone to benefit from our hockey forums, classifieds, coupons, open hockey and private skate management.

Amazon.com: Mr. Krueger's Christmas - 25th Anniversary ...

Amazon.com: Mr. Krueger's Christmas - 25th Anniversary Edition: Jimmy Stewart, Mormon Tabernacle Choir: Movies & TV

Палантин Jimmy Choo купить в интернет магазине - ЯВитрина

Большой каталог товаров: палантин jimmy choo ▽ - сравнение цен в интернет магазинах, описания и характеристики товаров, отзывы.

Шарф, палантин (50 Шёлк и 50 Кашемир) | Festima.Ru ...

Нажмите Следить и система автоматически будет уведомлять Вас о новых предложениях со всех досок объявлений. Купите Шарф, палантин (50 Шёлк ...

One Step Up Kids Going Buggy!! : The Prowers Journal

Lamar kids are becoming more connected to the great outdoors. Students from One Step Up and the HOPE Center at Lincoln School have been working to complete ...

James Stewart - IMDb

James Stewart, Actor: Vertigo. James Maitland Stewart was born on May 20, 1908 in Indiana, Pennsylvania, to Elizabeth Ruth (Johnson) and Alexander Maitland Stewart ...

Шарфы Женские - Купить в Интернет Магазине | Палантины и ...

ДИЗАЙНЕРЫ; Alexander McQueen · Balenciaga · Bottega Veneta · Burberry · Dolce & Gabbana · Fendi · Givenchy · Gucci · Jimmy Choo · Miu Miu · Moncler ...

Jimmy Choo - Luxpodarok

Купить Платки, шарфы, Палантины / Итальянские платки, шарфы, палантины / Jimmy Choo в интернет-магазине ЛюксПодарок доставка по Москве и ...

Jimmy prince b shares and taxation a. Jimmy Rankin

Merry Christmas jimmy , your wife and children all the best too all of you mike & Norma , Fort Saskatchewan Alberta cheers 🥂

Why Was Tareva Henderson At Jimmy Swaggart Ministries?

Caution: This site has old fashioned, Heaven-sent, Devil-chasin, sin-killin, blood-bought, God-given, Jesus-lovin, Holy Ghost inspired preaching!

Черные женские палантины купить от 599 руб. - StyleTopik

Купить черные женские палантины 314 моделей по цене от 599 руб. ✓Новая коллекция 2018 ✓Акции на ... Jimmy Choo Палантин. 17500 руб. Палантин.

Jimmy Iovine - Wikipedia

Early life and training. James Iovine was born in Brooklyn, New York, to an Italian working-class family. His mother was a secretary and his father, Vincent

Country Lyrics, Tabs, Chords for Country Music Fans!

Country music lyrics, guitar tabs/tablatures, chords source #1.

Платки, шарфы и палантины Jimmy Choo в интернет-магазине ...

Большое разнообразие Платки, шарфы и палантины Jimmy Choo на официальном сайте Jimmy Choo. Вы можете посмотреть фото Платки, шарфы и ...

Complete Inventory - Art Barbarians

Wildlife art prints plus original paintings with a wide selection from ArtBarbarians.com located in Minnesota. All kinds of nature art that makes a statement in your ...

Купить женские аксессуары Jimmy Choo в интернет-магазине ...

Купить женские аксессуары Jimmy Choo с бесплатной доставкой по России. Более 856 ... Солнцезащитные очки Jimmy Choo ..... Палантин Jimmy Choo.

Женские шарфы Jimmy Choo купить от 5 050 руб на LaSuper

Женские шарфы Jimmy Choo (Джимми Чу) купить от 5 050 р. в каталоге интернет-магазинов LaSuper. ... Палантин Jimmy Choo 46548838WV i. шифон ...

Женские аксессуары: шапки, перчатки, шарфы и палантины | YOOX

Аксессуары для Для Женщин - Лучшее от известных брендов на Yoox. Покупай онлайн. Доставка по всей России.

Купить Галантерея Платки / палантины / шарфы недорого в ...

Каталог товаров Галантерея Платки / палантины / шарфы - низкие цены, отзывы покупателей, ... Jimmy Choo .... Fendi Палантин / Платок женский.

Tempo Ultra WSP Insecticide - DoMyOwn.com

Tempo Ultra WSP Insecticide is used for broad-spectrum control targeting a variety of flying, crawling, and wood-infesting pests that are both indoor and outdoor.

Палантины Jimmy Choo 2018/2019 – каталог, где купить, цены и ...

Палантины Jimmy Choo (Джимми Чу). Вся коллекция марки Jimmy Choo. Палантин Jimmy Choo London. 14 150 руб. в YOOX ...

Палантины Jimmy Choo – купить палантин в интернет-магазине ...

Купить палантин Джимми Чу с бесплатной доставкой по Москве и всей России. Палантины Jimmy Choo 114 моделей — каталог от интернет-магазинов ...

25 способов, как завязывать шарф, палантин и платок

21 окт. 2014 г. - 25 способов, как завязывать шарф, палантин и платок ... Chloe Sevigny представляет любимую обувь Jimmy Choo коллекции весна-лето ...

Сет, сумка/New Look + часы/New Look + палантин/H&M, one size, в ...

Сет, сумка/New Look + часы/New Look + палантин/H&M, one size. ... британского бренда Jimmy Choo (Джимми Чу), коллекция Saba.

JIMMY CHOO Палантин Женщинам CL000017499975 купить за ...

Купить JIMMY CHOO Палантин Женщинам CL000017499975 за 15500р в интернет магазине c бесплатной доставкой по России.

Jimmy Choo

История бренда Jimmy Choo (Джимми Чу) – британский бренд, специализирующийся на производстве женской и мужской обуви, аксессуаров и ...

Купить женские платки и шарфы Jimmy Choo | Stylemi

Jimmy Choo - Палантин Палантин Jimmy Choo. Jimmy Choo. Палантин. 9 550 руб. 7 100 руб. Jimmy Choo - Платок Платок Jimmy Choo. Jimmy Choo.

Older elephants know the best anti-lion moves - Not ...

In natural history films, lionesses are usually portrayed as the hunters of the pride, while male lions mope around under shady trees. But males are no ...

Палантин в наличии 3880 моделей: купить палантин в Москве от ...

Женские палантины от 147 руб, более 3880 шт, палантин купить в Москве от производителя ☛ огромный выбор, палантин Луи ... Jimmy Choo Палантин.

More CMT Music - Country Music Television

Get the latest music news, watch video clips from music shows, events, and exclusive performances from your favorite artists. Discover new country music on CMT.

JIMMY CHOO Палантин Кинешма

JIMMY CHOO Палантин по низкой цене VERSACE Платок ELIE SAAB Палантин ORION LONDON Палантин ARTE Палантин OPEN SECRET Палантин ...

Палантин в ярких тонах с абстрактным дизайном Jimmy Choo ...

Купить палантин в ярких тонах с абстрактным дизайном jimmy choo 822683 на официальном сайте Jimmy Choo. У нас можно посмотреть фото и ...

Salt Lake Tribune Newspaper Archives, Jan 1, 1977, p. 22

Read Salt Lake Tribune Newspaper Archives, Jan 1, 1977, p. 22 with family history and genealogy records from Salt Lake City, Utah 1871-1977.

Купить Кофе-холдер Jimmy Choo в Москве с доставкой по цене ...

Серебристый кожаный кофе-холдер. Эффектный аксессуар для тех, кто ценит продуманность в деталях.

Женский шарф Jimmy Choo - купить женские шарфы и платки ...

... 0 руб по РФ. Выгодно купить женские шарфы и платки Jimmy Choo по цене от 1950 рублей. ... Палантин JIMMY CHOO 46548809DA. Jimmy Choo ...

Палантин Metal 131 мм-очки 139 мм храма для женский | eBay

Вы найдете новые и б/у товары в Палантин Metal 131 мм-очки 139 мм храма для женский на eBay. Бесплатная ... Brand: Jimmy Choo. Остался 1 тов.

Jimmy Swaggart: Straying and Preying — Deception Bytes

Viagra Donde Comprar Buenos Aires. 24h online support. Online Pharmacy: 24h online support. 24h online support, Absolute anonymity. 24h Customer Support.

Jimmy Smith - Walk on the Wild Side: Best of Verve Years ...

I'm new to the music of Jimmy Smith, and I highly recommend this compilation for starts. Great sound quality,Hi Fi whith excellent stereo effect; in

Jimmy choo london палантин, цена - купить от Тобшкола

А вот и низкая цена на jimmy choo london палантин уже нашлась. Отобрали 100 лучших магазинов и сравнили где дешевле купить.

Женские платки Jimmy Choo (Джимми Чу) - купить в интернет ...

Купить женские платки Jimmy Choo: с узором, из шелка, с рисунком, кашемировые, леопардовые, ... Jimmy Choo Палантин леопардовый шелковый.

Jimmy Carter

39th President of the United States and Founder of The Carter Center. Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter, Jr.), thirty-ninth president of the United States, was born ...

Купить Палантин Jimmy Choo по выгодной цене на Яндекс.Маркете

Палантин Jimmy Choo. Цены, отзывы покупателей о товаре и магазинах, условия доставки и возврата — всё на одной странице.

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Biography of Jimmy Carter

Biography of Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter, Jr.) Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter, Jr.), thirty-ninth president of the United States, was born October 1, 1924, in ...

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Jimmy Smith - Wikipedia

James Oscar


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Год 1996 был очень важным для бренда Jimmy Choo, именно тогда знакомая Джимми Чу, ... Марка Jimmy Choo пользуется большой популярностью среди миллионов женщин. ..... Шали, Сумки, Палантины (SaniyaK) • 30.05.2012.

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Annie West Passion, Purity and the Prince

Untamed prince… Prince Alaric of Ruvingia is as wild and untamed as the remote kingdom he rules. Women fight to warm his royal bed, but he ensures that none outstays her welcome. Then prim, bespectacled archivist Tamsin Connors uncovers a shocking state secret… Or rightful king?Now Tamsin has Alaric’s undivided attention – he is drawn to her burgeoning purity and she is quickly promoted to His Majesty’s mistress! Duty demands only a temporary arrangement, but their powerful passion is enough to fuel a lifetime’s love…

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Mindy Neff The Inconveniently Engaged Prince

Charming Prince Must Convince Fiancee She's His CinderellaJace Carradigne and Vicki Meadland had the kind of whirlwind courtship found only in fairy tales. But when Vicki learned that her Prince Charming was, well, a prince, and heir to a royal throne, she feared that her past secrets could get in the way of his future reign. With a dangerous enemy threatening to expose her, there was only one thing for a woman in love to do–flee for the good of her man. But Jace was used to getting what he wanted. And all he wanted was Vicki! Could he convince her that her past didn't matter? Would there be a royal title in her future?Get all the facts inside…as a search for an heir to the throne leads to scandals of royal proportions for The Carradignes: American Royalty

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Elizabeth Harbison Annie And The Prince

Librarian Annie Barimer always played by the rules and the result was dullsville. So when she had a chance to tutor two little princesses, well, how could she resist? Soon Annie found herself working in a faraway castle–and falling for her very own prince! Prince Johann was everything she'd longed for…and more. Handsome, commanding yet tender, he was just about perfect. Now if only he would guarantee her dreams came true!

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Peter Koulizos Property vs Shares. Discover Your Knockout Investment Strategy

A comparison of property versus shares and how to find the right mix for a profitable portfolio Almost every investor eventually considers the question: which is the better investment, property or shares? The answer isn't as simple as one or the other, since both asset classes offer different benefits and risks. And if the best answer is a mix of the two, how do you strike the right balance for sustained returns? This book takes an unbiased look at these two asset classes, explaining the risks and benefits of each, dispelling stubborn myths, and giving you the facts you need to find what’s best for you and your portfolio. Offering a point-by-point comparison of shares versus property, this easy-to-read guide argues that a combined strategy is smartest and safest for most investors. It then goes on to give you the information you need to tailor your portfolio to your own level of acceptable risk versus desired reward. Offers a simple, in-depth side-by-side comparison of the two most vital asset classes in any portfolio Peter Koulizos is a popular speaker and commentator on property investing and the author of The Property Professor's Top Australian Suburbs Zac Zacharia is founder and managing director of financial services company, The Centra Wealth Group, and is a lecturer in share investment, a regular speaker and media contributor Includes helpful tips on what and when to buy, as well as how to avoid both property and share scams Every portfolio should be different, depending on your own individual goals and needs. With this handy guide, you can find the right mix of assets to achieve healthy and consistent returns.

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Navendu Vasavada P. Taxation of U.S. Investment Partnerships and Hedge Funds. Accounting Policies, Tax Allocations, Performance Presentation

A new, lucid approach to the formulation of accounting policies for tax reporting Unraveling the layers of complexity surrounding the formulation of accounting policies for tax reporting, Taxation of US Investment Partnerships and Hedge Funds: Accounting Policies, Tax Allocations and Performance Presentation enables your corporation to implement sound up-front accounting and tax policies in order to reduce the overall cost of CFO and legal functions within a U.S. Investment partnership. Understand the pitfalls and optimize across legitimate policies that are consistent with the IRS regulations Presents a clear roadmap for accounting, tax policies, tax filing and performance presentation for US investment partnerships and hedge funds Providing tremendous understanding to a complex topic, Taxation of US Investment Partnerships and Hedge Funds is guaranteed to demystify the inner workings of the formulation of accounting policies for tax reporting.

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Jennifer Greene Prince Charming's Child

MEN of the YEAR MAN of the MONTH"I am a man of honor. If she's carrying my child, she will be my wife! – Mitch Landers, the Prince Charming no woman could forget It wasn't the flu. Nicole was pregnant. And darned if she could remember sleeping with a man in the past four years. Not unless she and co-worker Mitch had actually… ?Well, they had, and now her very own Sir Galahad was before her on bended knee. His proposal was duty-bound, although real passion sparked in Mitch's glance… and touch. Could a marriage forged for baby's sake end in a legend-worthy love for Sleeping Beauty and her dream prince?Some men are made for lovin' – and you'll love our MAN OF THE MONTH!

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Putnam Eleanor Prince Vance: The Story of a with Court in His Box

Dmitry Artyukhin The notes of first line manager

The author shares personal thoughts on different aspects of first line manager (FLM) role within the organization. This book offers honest and open overview of personal FLM experience. It’s based on real stories and situations and shares some advices for those who is in this job and/or interested in being a first line manager. It is a practical handbook made to encourage people managers to apply creative approach in managing their teams.

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Valerie Parv The Monarch's Son

HE'D SAVED HER LIFEWhen the riptide unloosed her, Allie Carter washed ashore at the feet of Lorne de Marigny, monarch of Carramer. A prince unparalleled in handsomeness…and in having his desires fulfilled. And he demanded that Allie remain at his villa with him and his son.COULD SHE RESCUE A PRINCE?Acting as adorable Nori's companion silenced those who'd question Allie's relationship with the widower prince. But Allie needed to know why Lorne seemed so tortured. Why he rarely spoke of his wife, when his child so desperately wanted a mother. And if there was a place for her with Lorne and his son…THE CARRAMER CROWNOne by one, royal siblings discover passion more powerful than any monarchy.

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A HARDENED, LONELY SHEIKH Prince Omar's heart was as barren as the desert – until beguiling Jana Stewart, his daughters' tutor, tempted the widower's weary soul like an oasis. Though the powerful prince desperately desired Jana's touch, he resisted her, believing that love was merely a mirage… . A WOMAN TO HEAL HIMJana was captivated by the sheikh and his breathtaking inheritance, the Cup of Happiness. But a taste from the goblet had failed to bring him joy. So Jana tempted the prince to touch his lips to hers, and in his unquenchable desire she glimpsed his hidden need to be healed… and loved.Could this beauty restore Omar's faith in family… and make this solitary sheikh lonely no more?Powerful sheikhs born to rule and destined to find love as eternal as the sands… SONS OF THE DESERT

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Annie West Prince of Scandal

Ruling prince…Raul, Prince of Maritz, is furious that an archaic law is forcing him to wed. But scandal and unrest has dogged this prince for years, and a marriage to recently discovered princess Luisa Hardwicke will help bring stability to the monarchy. …reluctant princessOnly Luisa is an outspoken, mudsplattered farmgirl, who isn’t going to come quietly! Even as she’s reluctantly transformed into polished perfection, Luisa challenges Raul at every turn – and he finds himself anticipating their wedding night with an excitement he never imagined he’d feel…

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Rebecca Winters Her Desert Prince

Dare to dream… these sparkling romances will make you laugh, cry and fall in love – again and again!The magic of the desert…Visiting the beautiful Nafud desert is a chance for Lauren Viret to lay her grandmother’s spirit and secrets to rest. But, caught up in a sandstorm, Lauren is rescued by a handsome stranger… Prince Rashad believes the stunning American he’s saved is hiding something – he must keep her close! What he doesn’t expect is to fall under Lauren’s captivating spell…Yet as enchanting nights in Arabia reveal the truth, can a future for Lauren and her prince ever be more than just a mirage

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Maisey Yates A Mistake, Prince and Pregnancy

She's given him a baby…An IVF clinic mix-up means eternally single Alison Whitman is now carrying the child – no, the royal heir – of Maximo Rossi, Prince of Turan! Now he'll take her for his wife!Maximo gave up on the hope of fatherhood a long time ago, but now the ruthless ruler will seize this surprise second chance. However, tradition is high on the Prince's agenda, and he'll never stand for an illegitimate heir…Alison is about to find out that royal marriage is a command, not a choice!

358.9 RUR



Sabrina Philips Prince of Montéz, Pregnant Mistress

Pregnant – by royal decree! It’s the night of a most glamorous art auction in London, and Cally Greenway is due to win the restoration commission of her dreams… Until the paintings sell to an unknown bidder and, devastated and dashed, uncharacteristically Cally finds solace in the arms of a handsome yet ruthless stranger… The very same man who bought her precious paintings – the Prince of Montéz!Leon summons Cally by royal decree – His Majesty wants a mistress: biddable, pleasurable…and pregnant?

117.95 RUR



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