BSNL, MTNL sign joint pact with Indian Air Force

You Tube was the first major Web 2. Wikipedia was the next one. Orkut became a rage in Every major Indian organization and many Indians today have a page on Wikipedia, and almost all of them are trying to use Facebook and Twitter to build a fan base. The objective is to reach out to the Indian users who have set up accounts on these two major social media sites. The media has also started mining Tweets and Facebook conversations to build news reports.

Benetton goes social to harvest the market of unemployed in its new campaign

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Intelligent Investing This is a blog dedicated to sharing intelligent investment opportunities and methods. The recommendations find their origin in many books on investment and from personal experiences. The blog intends to help novices avoid fatal pitfalls while attempting to enable them make better profits through equities.

The archived posts are always worth exploring Sunday, November 27, Caution: The News and The Advice The page from ET portrays a gloomy picture of the financial markets and advises the investors to stay away and hold cash. The emotion of “fear” is evident when evaluations are made on the general perceptions of human mind rather than on the fundamental aspects which define a sound business. It is in such an environment that an intelligent investor should stick to the basics and evaluate the market as a whole and individual scrips in particular and arrive at logical conclusions on which decisive decisions and bold actions could be taken.

When the market emotion of fear turns to blind optimism and then to frank greed, the intelligent investor makes the most on his investments.

India fin secy says 8 pc growth possible in FY11..

Colonel Siddharh, Professor Kharat and others continued to report on. Since Electronic as well as Print Media balcked out the Movement, I have not the Reporting support until our friends write themselves the Report. Unfortunately Mulnivasi nayak is also not Updated since 27th, I may not present the actual Picture. However, the paper has published everything in detail!

A special report on how marketers are planning to invade your mobile phones – and why. The soft taps of thumbs on mobile phone number pads are getting louder for Rajiv Hiranandani, co-founder, Mobile2Win, a digital and mobile entertainment company. He is talking about the short message service SMS , the most widely-used messaging vehicle in mobile marketing.

Mobile2win provides information and entertainment ranging from news, jokes and horoscopes to sports scores, stock info and mobile games through the ubiquitous headphone. Hiranandani is not the only one who can hear opportunity knocking. Telecom service providers too are hungrily looking at a market that can only explode – just 23 per cent of India’s 1. Marketers and advertisers are equally excited. So are media companies.

But what exactly is mobile marketing?

The Yahoo / MSN Lottery Incorporation

Australia to introduce label-free visa for Indians from October 1 On a recent trip to Japan, while having a leisurely repast, Alessandro Benetton the founder and chairman of Benetton Group was struck by the success story of the Asian nation in the face of many perils. For Japan has survived a massive crisis in the late s, a shrinking economy and has managed to rebuild and make itself a cleaner place, he said in an interview to The Huffington Post. In his words, “You go to Tokyo and see that you have low noise, electric cars and no pollution or at least less pollution.

When I had to deal with the Toronto Censor Board over The Brood, the experience was so unexpectedly personal and intimate, it really shocked me; pain, anguish, the sense of humiliation, degradation, violation. Now I do have a conditioned reflex! I can only explain the feeling by analogy. You send your beautiful kid to school and he comes back with one hand missing. Just a bandaged stump. You phone the school and they say that they really thought, all things considered, the child would be more socially acceptable without that hand, which was a rather naughty hand.

Everyone was better off with it removed. Censors tend to do what only psychotics do: People worry about the effects on children of two thousand acts of murder on TV every half hour. You have to point out that they have seen a representation of murder. They have not seen murder. Charles Manson found a message in a Beatles song that told him what he must do and why he must kill.

Suppressing everything one might think of as potentially dangerous, explosive or provocative would not prevent a true psychotic from finding something that will trigger his own particular psychosis.

Sydney Uke Works Magic On The Ukulele | Asia’s Got Talent Semis 2

With intelligence inputs indicating that militants may use the unrest in the Kashmir valley to target pilgrims who are bound for the two-month-long Amarnath Yatra, the Centre has issued a high alert even as National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and home minister P Chidambaram on Saturday. The three-member group of ministers headed by finance minister Pranab Mukherjee has decided that the MW Loharinag Pala hydroelectric project on Bhagirathi, a key tributary of the Ganga, will continue to be built.

Jaiswal said he would write to Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mayawati, demanding the police be sensitized to deal with emergency situations. After being initially dismissed as inordinately expensive, the idea of having an underwater gas pipeline with Iran seems to be firmly back on the negotiating table between the two countries.

The remarkable developmentsreflect not only changes occurringwithin these dynamic economies,but also between them. The dynamism and optimism inthe emerging economies contrastsharply with the moroseness andpessimism in the EU, Japan andeven the US. Not only was the G8held in Europe, under a Europeanpresident Sarkozy , dominated byEuropean countries five, includingRussia, out ofthe eight , they alsorallied round the European candi- date French finance ministerChristine Lagarde to succeed Dominique Strauss-Kahn, anotherex-French finance minister, as IMFhead.

The imperative ofa Europeanhead arises, Europeans argue: This is palpable nonsense. If youfollow that logic, there should havebeen a Mexican head ofthe IMF atthe time ofthe Mexican crisis, anAsian at the time ofthe East Asiancrisis, etc. The survival and developmentofsocieties depend on two promi-nent factors: In early 21 st centurygovernance, these factors are cons-picuous by their absence. Whiletechnologies and markets havechanged exponentially, changes inglobal governance, with very few.

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On the occasion of its ninth anniversary Wednesday, the Telangana Rashtra Samiti TRS warned of a war-like situation in Telangana was not made a separate state soon. Jayashankar said war-like situation would be inevitable if the Srikrishna committee fails to give a report in line with the aspirations of Telangana people. Addressing the anniversary celebrations of the party here, he said the panel formed by the central government to look into the issue was the last hope for people demanding a separate state of Telangana.

Ancient Era[ edit ] Patna assumed importance and grandeur around BCE [29] [30] as Ajatashatru , the king of Magadha, wanted to shift his capital from the hilly Rajagrha today’s Rajgir to a strategically located place to better combat the Licchavis of Vaishali. Gautama Buddha travelled through this place in the last year of his life. He prophesied a great future for this place even as he predicted its ruin due to flood, fire and feud. The Shungas were then followed by the Kanvas and eventually by the Guptas.

One such famous account was recorded by a Chinese Buddhist traveller Fa Hien, who visited India between and CE, and stayed here for many months translating Buddhist texts. Pataliputra as a capital of Maurya Empire. The Maurya Empire at its largest extent under Ashoka the Great. Pataliputra as a capital of Shunga Empire. Approximate greatest extent of the Shunga Empire c.

Times of India Mumbai – 6 Oct 2010

It was quick and it was smart. The story starts on July 23, when Mumbai woke up to hoardings that screamed: When the suits at HUL found out, they saw an opportunity to score a point.

A thesis for which Oxford University wanted to award a doctorate to the author. Last few copies are available in English, Hindi and Kannada. English edition third edition Hindi pp. Write to Dalit Voice office. Its editorial Jan-Dec defines the Dalit literature in these words: It is also, in an important sense, the insider’s report of the actual condition of deprivation, misery, indignity and exploitation in which the Dalit communities have been compelled to live for centuries.

In spite of the best intentions and understanding of the chief editor, Dr. Sreenivasan, and his team of advisory editors, I am disappointed to note that the consultant editor for Gujarati language has failed to abide by the editorial guidance while selecting the writers and even their creative works. It is an open secret now that the movement of Dalit literature is splintered into many groups based on ideology, internal casteism , specific motives, political affiliations and aspirations, literary leanings, careerism, and what not.

To be neutral and objective and be free from any prejudice arising out of the above groupism and be guided only by the criteria set out in the editorial is a testing proposition for any consultant editor and Harish Mangalam woefully fails to live up to that. Even a cursory look at the index page speaks volumes of his personal prejudices.

To dish out the rewards for being his group members and accepting his babuship with blind faith, he has cared little for the scores of genuinely committed Dalit writers who are most militant, most protestant, most missionary, and writing both with great literary merit and in consonance of the essentials pointed out in the editorial. The Brahmin lady mainstream poet Hasyada Pandya who is in the good book of the consultant editor is represented to the exclusion of real Dalit women writers like Chandraben Shrimali, Jasumati Parmar, Meena Kamle, and Usha Makwana.

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