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Ndivhuwo Mabaya, , MabayaN dirco. We, the leaders of the European Union and South Africa, reaffirm the importance of our Strategic Partnership based on shared principles, equality and interests. We note that our meeting takes place years after the birth of Nelson Mandela and is an opportunity to build on his unique legacy. Let me begin by conveying the gratitude of my delegation for the warm welcome and excellent hospitality extended to us, in both Strasbourg and Brussels, by our friends and partners in the European Union. This latest flare-up is the worst since the day conflict in It is a great honour and a privilege to address this gathering in the centenary year of the birth of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, the founding father of our democratic nation, a revered statesman and a committed internationalist. Introduction – I am honoured and delighted to be here in Madrid. We just completed very successful political Consultations between Spain and South Africa, a forum which continues to contribute positively towards deepening the political and economic ties between our two countries.

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That the experiences and accounts of past and current Chief Secretary have been compiled and presented in a coherent manner is illustrative of Tan Sri Ahmad Sarji’s disposition towards maintaining excellence and ensuring that various aspects of the civil service are appropriately recorded. His tireless effort has yielded results that will benefit not only the civil service but also the general public.

This book provides an insightful information about the office of the Chief Secretary, thereby dispelling any myths shrouding this office. ISBN 2: Now, through this new biographical dictionary, there is easy access to abbreviated life-stories of several hundred Chinese who were important within their community and in the larger Malaysian society.

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Numbering six billion, global mobile phone subscriptions currently exceed the number of people that have access to electricity or safe drinking water. In parallel with their growing ubiquity, mobile phones have expanded their service repertoire in an astonishing fashion. Originally limited largely to providing basic voice and text communication, mobile terminals can now operate as multimedia entertainment terminals, mini games consoles, enterprise tools, electronic wallets, channels for advertising, social networking devices, and pocket personal safety, navigation and medical aids.

Underpinning this increase in functionality has been the rise of smartphones, mobile devices with personal computer-like operating system OS capabilities, and the accompanying craze for downloading mobile application software, or apps. Today Asia-Pacific is at the cutting edge of developments in many mobile communications market segments. China and India, for example, are two main motors of overall global mobile growth, with CSC estimating that the two countries together add 75 million new subscriptions every quarter.

Smartphone-wise, technology consultancy Canalys says Asia-Pacific became the largest regional market in Q1 , and China overtook the U. Third-party apps, including translated international titles and apps with heavy local content, are very big in China. But app exporters to China may encounter a little local difficulty.

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Donor countries need to reform development finance to meet pledge 12 November Finance to poor countries from abroad is declining, despite a promise by the international community three years ago to increase development finance flows, in particular through private investment, according to a new OECD outlook on development financing. Stopping antimicrobial resistance would cost just USD 2 per person a year 7 November Superbug infections could cost the lives of around 2.

Three out of four deaths could be averted by spending USD 2 per person a year on measures such as more prudent prescription of antibiotics, a new OECD report says. Our resilience needs to take root and blossom 7 November In the garden of the OECD headquarters in Paris, a cherry tree was planted in the autumn of by a group of Japanese high school students, who had suffered the earthquake in Fukushima in March Using a cherry tree as a symbol of resilience, with its fragile beauty and symphony of flowers in the springtime, gives food for thought.

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The area is , sq km, with , sq km in West Malaysia and , sq km in East Malaysia. The population is about 11 million , estimate , of which 9. The capital is Kuala Lumpur. See Table 1 for the area and population of different parts of Malaysia. Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy consisting of 13 states—nine sultanates and four governorships. The present constitution was adopted in and amended by the Malaysia Act of The head of state is the supreme ruler yang di-pertuan agong who is elected for a five-year term by the Council of Rulers.

Only the heads of the sultanates participate in the election, and only the ruler of a sultanate who has attained majority may be elected. Under the constitution the supreme ruler has broad powers: In actuality he exercises his powers only on the recommendation of the government.

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PF forms Part 47 and Practice Direction 47 – Procedure for Assessment of Costs and Default Provisions The rules are amended to provide that details of costs budgets are provided when detailed assessment of costs is required Model Precedent Q. PD51L – New Bill of Costs The pilot scheme for a new bill of costs is extended whilst the impact of its mandatory introduction is assessed. The pilot will run for two years from 1 April Practice Direction 52C – Appeals to the Court of Appeal Amendments facilitate the provision of skeleton arguments anonymised in family proceedings to accredited law reporters and the media in cases being heard in the Court of Appeal at the time of the appeal.

Complaints, reviews and helpful information regarding allegedly unethical companies and bad business practices. Blacklist of bad companies and goods.

General This section sets forth principles governing determinations of misconduct when a claimant is discharged from the most recent employment as the result of alleged job-related dishonesty on his or her part. If the claimant is discharged for dishonest acts which are not job-related, refer to Off-the-Job Conduct, MC Title 22, Section a defines dishonesty as “such acts and statements as lying, theft, making false entries on records and other actions showing a lack of truthfulness and integrity.

Criminal action on the part of the employee is not required to establish misconduct within the meaning of the Unemployment Insurance Code. In order to constitute misconduct, the dishonesty need only be such as to tend to injure the interest of the employer or to breach the duty owned by the employee to the employer. When a claimant is discharged for an act of dishonesty, he or she will be subject to disqualification if all of the following elements are present: The claimant wilfully committed the act complained of.

The act was connected with the work.

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By adding in-body image stabilisation IBIS into a package that retains the class-leading sensor, distinctive stylish looks and user-friendly control system we already know and love from the X-T2, there was no way Fuji could fail here. This is particularly useful when zooming with a long lens and makes it far easier to get focus. The LCD screen, meanwhile is now of the touchy-feely kind. This is a welcome addition — up to a point.

Bluetooth to go Built-in Bluetooth is a boon, and makes hooking up the camera to a phone far easier. The connection process is still a little on the flaky side — when is it not?

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Delivering innovative GPS technology across diverse markets, including aviation, marine, fitness, outdoor recreation, tracking and mobile apps.

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Jones, NUS As countries in Asia go through difficult demographic transitions, marriage patterns have never been more important. Asia was traditionally characterised by universal marriage — defined as when fewer than 5 per cent of women have not married by the age of But this is no longer the case: Yet in other parts of Asia, especially in South Asia, it is not the failure of people to marry that is of concern but the persistence of high levels of teenage marriage, much of it occurring below the legal minimum age.

Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Recommend on Facebook Tweet Share Compartir Children under the age of 18 may be exposed to abuse and neglect by a parent, caregiver, or another person in a custodial role (e.g., clergy, coach, teacher).

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Photoshop CC Oct 15 Content-Aware Fill reimagined Choose which pixels to use in your fills using a new, dedicated workspace, and rotate, scale, and mirror your source pixels thanks to Adobe Sensei technology. You can even create fills on separate layers to preserve your original images. Frame tool for easy masking Turn shapes or text into frames that you can use as placeholders or fill with images.

Easily replace an image by dropping another one into the frame — it automatically scales to fit. Usability improvements Now you can hide your reference point, double-click the canvas to edit text, and efficiently crop, transform, and place and enter text faster with auto-commit. Plus, Photoshop transforms pixel and type layers proportionally by default and makes it harder to move panels by accident.

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Sign up for our weekly newsletters to stay on top of the latest digital marketing trends and strategies—for and by marketing leaders. He has been with CSC for almost three years, having spent much of his career with Compaq, Avaya, and his own consultancy. What does the director of global brand and digital marketing do at a company such as CSC? The role is very much a global role. We are here to support the various market-facing marketing organizations around the globe, which include regional marketing, industry marketing, and product marketing.

We play kind of a central marketing-services role. The infrastructure around our digital marketing system belongs to us—the Web site, the marketing automation system, analytics, everything that connects it all together—as well as content curation and content management. The editorial control, all the market-based digital marketing content, belongs in our organization, as does social media. That cross section with technology is where I feel most comfortable.

Marketing B2B is difficult, marketing tech B2B is more difficult, and I would imagine marketing the kind of solutions to the kinds of customers you are after must be even more difficult.

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