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Dating Points Couples always like spending time with each other, no matter which place it is. But mostly they love to be together in some lonely places where nobody can disturb them. In Nasik, there are no such official dating points for couples where they can spend time with each other. Once I thought of visiting some restaurant in Nasik, with my partner. When we visited it, we found it so crowded that we could not even sit there for half an hour. We just wanted to spend quality time together without any disturbance around us.

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Situated in north-west Maharashtra, kilometers from Mumbai and kilometers from Pune, Nashik is the third-largest city in the state after Mumbai and also Pune.

The most important in this group are number 18 and This group of caves is one of the most important and intriguing in western India. The oldest historical place in Nashik is Pandav caves which are also known as Trirashmi Leni. The famous Dadasaheb Phalke Smarak and Buddhasmarak are soon to be opened for public, which are known for their creativity and only of their kind.

Cave 3 is a large vihara with some interesting sculptures. Cave 10 is also a vihara and almost identical in design to cave 3, although it is much older and finer in its detail. It is thought to be nearly as old as the Karla Cave near Lonavala. Cave 18 is a chaitya believed to date from the same time as the Karla Cave and is well sculptured.

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Situated in Shimoga district of Karnataka , Agumbe gets its sobriquet because it receives 7, mm of mean annual rainfall, the second highest annual rainfall in India. Agumbe is surrounded by rich biodiversity and the hill station borders one of the last surviving lowland rain forests. The whole area and the reserve forests around Kundapur, Shankaranarayana, Hosanagara, Sringeri and Thirthahalli are collectively referred to as the Agumbe Rainforest Complex and form one of the largest contiguous forest stretches left in India.

Most tourists visit Agumbe to trek through its forests or to visit the waterfalls. But also beware of the leeches that infest the forests. The high points of the treks are the visual treats that Agumbe offers. Sunset Point, a gallery erected to view the sunset, offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and even the Arabian Sea on a clear day. Remnants of temples dating back to the Hoysala Empire are also worth a visit.

Doddamane or the Big House, which Swamy lives in, is over years old and still stands proudly here. The station exclusively monitors changes in rain forests. Interestingly, despite the high density of King Cobras in the region, incidents of snake-human conflict are rare. Insights gained from the ecological study are being put into practice into King Cobra management. The best time to visit the place is during monsoon, when the hill station is full of sparkling streams and several waterfalls.

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Over the past few years, Baga has become one of the most popular beaches in North Goa. Baga was discovered and popularized by the Hippies. The place still retains the characteristics of the Hippie movement and its ethos. Located just 16 km North of Panaji, the capital of Goa, Baga beach also has Baga River on its side flowing into the sea.

About Nashik One of the most popular destinations for the pious Hindus, Jains and Buddhists and also known for its association with the epic ‘Ramayana’, Nashik not only has an ethereal and spiritual quality about it but is also a touch point for tourists who wish to explore its interesting forts and a unique centre that offers courses in ‘Vipassana’.

Dating Points Couples always like spending time with each other, no matter which place it is. But mostly they love to be together in some lonely places where nobody can disturb them. In Nasik, there are no such official dating points for couples where they can spend time with each other. Once I thought of visiting some restaurant in Nasik, with my partner. Snooker Zones For those who hate jumping, running and outdoor games, there are various Snooker and Billiard rooms available in Nasik for recreation.

You can surely enjoy great play at the top quality snooker tables along with the best snacks and drinks, located at different corners of Nasik. Gaming Parlours With the advent of computer technology, video gaming has really emerged in the last two decades. The gaming has gone from TV’s to computers to mobiles and now portables. However gaming parlours have been around for a long time. In a city like Nasik there are the usual small gaming parlours and then come the big ones which are found in malls.

Cyber Cafe With more and more people preferring to surf the internet from the comfort of their own home, the popularity of cyber cafes have decreased considerably. However, there are many people in Nasik, who still don’t have an internet connection at their home.

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One of the oldest cafe-restaurants in the city, they serve from a huge variety of cuisines and the taste is still impeccable. Places near Mumbai 1 Lonavala Lonavala is a hill station located in the Pune district of Maharashtra and can be reached via the Mumbai-Pune expressway. Lonavala is a beautiful place to be visited which is filled with lush greenery, lakes, and waterfalls.

Visit Lonavala in the best season to enjoy the nature. During monsoon, it looks all the more fascinating with waterfalls and clouds adding a beautiful natural aura.

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