SU-85I Review

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Germany Tier 6

I do apologize for getting to this one late, but here we go! The German tier 6 heavy tank, I do realize that a lot of people dislike this tank, and there are many reasons for this bad reputation. Hopefully, this review will help you get a better understanding of this tank.

May 19,  · STOP “nerfing” and “buffing” – change battle tiers instead – posted in Archive for PT: With this gross crippling (nerfing) of tHe VK (H) and many otther tanks in the german line in – with no form of compensation offered – it is obviously time for a change. 1) Rather than nerfing and buffing existing tanks with each update in order to meet some arbitrary and unprdictable.

Fortunately enough, unlike the VK Only the Soviet mm cannons are a serious threat for this vehicle. This tank is one of the best tier VI vehicles in the game; a driver that manages to harness this vehicle, will have no problems driving German vehicles of the higher tiers. Development, equipment, crew Your first step should be to develop and mount the 7.

Then, you can unlock a new turret this will provide you with, as many as additional health points! Now, the only thing that you need to do is develop new suspension and the rest of the missing modules. If you are not going to use the 7. Then, brothers in arms for the entire crew. Weak points As for tier VI, this tank is exceptionally well armored. The whole of the glacis plate and the lower plate are mm thick, which is why, if you fire frontally at the VK Otherwise, it is better to flank the slow German tank and lay fire at its vulnerable sides.

The turret of the VK Depending on the cannon that it uses, the thickness of its armor varies.


Splattimus, on 07 October – Here is the problem: If part of the Tier 8 band can’t see Tier 10’s, then Tier 10 needs to grab more Tier 9’s to make up numbers, and will be more likely to grab whats left of Tier 8 who don’t have Preferential MM. With more Tier 9’s grabbed by Tier 10’s, its less likely that the Preferential MM Tier 8’s will have enough Tier 9’s to make their maximum Tier battle, so will instead be top tank.

Which is nice for the Premium Tier 8, however

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Why both binocular telescope and optics? Well, while the vision meta is dead and gone in higher tiers, in lower tiers it is still strong. TOTAL vision domination could be achieved by spotting the slow and blind heavies at m, and having the 30 second window of opportunity to kill tanks that could obliterate your team if they deploy to the brawling corner successfully you need only seconds to kill toptier heavies with small hit points pools at lower tiers and good effective dpm.

And that could be done with almost m of safe distance between the time you spot them, and the first possible place you could be spotted by them. T29 also surprises many a medium driver with good view range — these are the heavy tanks where optics is a must Your highest tier enemy with good view range you will ever see are the VK Others have around view range at maximum, and KVs and t are blind as bats at m and m respectively. So, by looking at my setup, I have m of view range at move, and with binoculars.

Why is not enough? Well, it is under most conditions, but with games could be decided at Lakeville if you spot the heavy train going to city, on Prokhorovka and many other maps it gives you a nice edge over light tanks that are pretty common at low tiers like Luchs, Stuart or Covenater , meaning you can kill them off unspotted, not merely get the first shot off. Second question many will ask is why not a Rammer? Gun laying drive is a must because the ROF is higher than the gun control available.

Even without a rammer the reticle shrinks slower than reload while standing. Matilda could play without fully aimed shots since you could brawl with her, but in paper mediums distance is the key. You will get more damage aiming fully especially after the dispersion nerf a few patches ago , than shooting the fastest you can and missing half of your shots.

The Fork in the Road. VK 30.02 M or VK 36.01 H

Short articles, to the point. Durchbruchswagen Its roots can be traced back to January , when Wa Pruef 6 asked Henschel to develop designs for a 30 ton tank armed with a 7,5cm cannon. The Panzer project was initially called B.

Pancerz TM uległa znacznej poprawie w stosunku do swojego pierwowzoru. Z przodu znajdziemy 75mm stalową płytę ustawioną pod dosyć dużym kątem.

In my experience I went down the German Heavy line, quite happy with what I went through. The VK 36 is an exceptionally good tank which has the Konisch gun, a rapid firing, high pen gun quite capable of handling anything it’s meets in tier 6 games, and sometimes tier 7 games. As for the proto panther, idk, never tried it. As for the future of the line, the E50 and E50M doesn’t have the best turret armor but good hull armor, opposite of the other mediums at equal tier. As for the heavies, you will become acquainted with the Tiger, which has a very good gun and DPM, but has poor armor.

Then after that is the Tiger 2, which has an accurate and overall good final gun, it also has good hull armor, but even the second turret has poor turret armor for its tier. Then comes the E75, which is where I am currently at in the German heavies. Ok, back to the E75, it again has very good frontal hull armor, but like the Tiger 2 and E , has a vulnerable lower plate, but it’s easily covered up.

As for the turret armor for the second turret, it is very good at mm. Its final gun is quite awesome, with highest in its class damage of per shot, and mm of penetration, despite it not having the highest DPM of all it’s guns, I would use it for the best shot effectiveness. It is a tank to truly be feared if used correctly. Then finally the E , which I am almost positive is more mobile than the E

Historical VK3001H

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Mar 02,  · Long story short: VK (M) is not a worthy replacement for VK (H) as T6 medium. I sold mine and I stick to Cromwell, as it performs much better in T8 games where T6 meds end up amazingly often.

I have seen many posts and topics regarding the VK and none that informative about the VK, well atleast for a “newcomer”, soo I hope this guide will help. The VK H was intended to weigh 40 tonnes, and carry mm of armour on front surfaces, 80 mm on turret sides and 60 mm on hull sides. The VK H was intended to carry a 7.

One prototype hull was built, followed later by five more prototype hulls. The six turrets intended for the prototype hulls were never fitted and ended up being used as static defences along the Atlantic Wall. The VK H is perhaps the best of the three German tier 6 prototype tanks. It possesses good armor, decent mobility, and very good firepower, offering a wide selection of guns to fit different game-play preferences. Besides being one of the best money-makers in the game, the VK has one unique feature: You are still a viable target even to a tier 5 tank, but dont panic.

Thank the armor Gods, the VK’s armor has “bouncines” in it, and quite a lot I might add, and if you angle your self in the right way, you may bounce quite a lot of shells.

Fukuoka | Japan

So it would be childsplay to penetrate even the turret isnt sufficient so no frontline combat on the medium line unlike the T and T A which are combat tanks. American mediums serve on supports but an E have to serve on the third line marksman shooting. The heavy line however, your armor will ever so increase and will feature much better anglings unlike the old heavies with flat armor, however you will feature very easily flamed engines which will always be incernated from the lower glacis.

The E isnt invincible, a IS-8 with its top gun can go through its lower glacis and front turrent like heated knife through butter. So dont think that these monsters will keep you safe at all times, especially when russian TDs are waiting to punch a damage HP on your tank “Right or wrong, evil or good, but they still fight, without second thoughts they march up to the enemy, they dont hope to go home tommorow, their families are now their war brothers, every bullet they shoot, every lives they taken, every blood they spilt, did they give up?

Seite 8 Deutschland VK (H) – Tier 5, schwerer Panzer Seite 9 Deutschland VK (H) – Tier 6, schwerer Panzer Seite 10 Premium T – Tier 8, mittlerer Panzer.

Some very basic info can be found on the World of Tanks wiki page — the data written in the article are unfortunately quite incorrect. VK H the ingame designation will most likely be VK The DW vehicles DW1 and DW2 were — as their name in German suggests — attempts to create a breakthrough tank in other words, essentially a heavy tank. At the same time, the old DW projects were renamed to VK Design-wise, it was a classical German tank, with typical Henschel suspension that would eventually evolve into the Tiger one via VK The roadwheels had torsion bar suspension.

The hulls were made by Krupp in Essen and delivered to Henschel in Kassel for final assembly in 1st hull — Turrets were also ordered and Krupp was supposed to deliver them in

WoT PS4: Road to Tier 10 – VK 36.01 H – New Tank!